We’ll Meet Again by Hilary Green


There have been a slew of new releases set during WWII to coincide with the various anniversaries and landmark moments in our 20th century history, and its easy to miss some of the novels released a while ago that are still well worth reading. ¬†I came across Hilary through the Historical Writers Association, checked out her website, and was tempted by We’ll Meet Again, a drama and romance.

The novel has an engaging protagonist – Frankie, a young woman of Italian descent, who, desperate to escape the dead end job prospects in Liverpool, finds herself being trained as a morse code operator and eventually a spy. This is a novel that builds in excitement to a nail-biting climax in Nazi-occupied Italy. What makes the novel a delight is the beautifully drawn friendships and allegiances that we share with Frankie during her training and beyond, for example the snob whose brittle exterior masks a deep insecurity, the stoic friend who risks her life to help the Resistance in France. There is also a believable and tender romance.

This was easy entertainment and ideal reading during my cosy nights before the fire over the Christmas break. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I will be buying more of Hilary Green’s books in the future.

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