The Poison Keeper

Naples 1633 Aqua Tofana – One drop to heal. Three drops to kill. Giulia Tofana longs for more responsibility in her mother’s apothecary business, but Mamma has always been secretive and refuses to tell Giulia the hidden keys to her success. When Mamma is arrested for the poisoning of the powerful Duke de Verdi, Giulia is shocked to uncover the darker side of her trade.

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Welcome to the online home of Deborah Swift, historical novelist. Before publishing her first novel Deborah worked as a set and costume designer for theatre and TV. She also developed a degree course in Theatre Arts at the Arden School of Theatre, where she taught scenography and the history of design. In 2007 she took an MA in Creative Writing at Lancaster University, and since then has juggled writing with teaching.

Deborah has been published by St Martin’s Press, Pan Macmillan, Endeavour Press, Headline Accent and Sapere Books.

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Audiences Behaving Badly – The London Theatre in the 1660’s

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James Baylis, a former policeman standing outside his dining rooms in Dury Lane London in 1877. He was know for helping men after they had left prison. Although here he is talking to Ramo Sammy a well known Indian Street musican who played a 'tam-tam' or metal gong.

Experience Bernini's Rome through the eyes of an exiled nun, running away from love
'a captivating piece of fiction based on real historical events' - Aspects of History review
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Now available in #audio!
Based on the legendary life of Giulia Tofana, this is a story of hidden family secrets and how vengeance can be overcome by courage and love.
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Here's a quote from The Forgotten Maid to tempt you - just 99p at the moment. #Cornwall #Regency #Poldark

The Girl Who Loved Cayo Bradley.

Cayo took Darby tenderly by the shoulders as if she might break, and then crushed her in his arms until he stopped quaking and she no longer cried. “I’ll cherish you forever.”

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