LETTING IN THE LIGHT by Charlotte Betts

1914 Spindrift House, Cornwall

Edith Fairchild’s good-for-nothing husband, Benedict, deserted her when their children were babies. Now the children are almost adult, Edith and Pascal, her faithful lover of two decades, are planning to leave their beloved Spindrift artists’ community and finally be together.

But an explosive encounter between Benedict and Pascal forces old secrets into the light, causing rifts in the happiness and security of the community. Then an assassin’s bullet fired in faraway Sarajevo sets in motion a chain of events that changes everything.

Under the shadow of war, the community struggles to eke out a living. The younger generation enlist or volunteer to support the war effort, facing dangers that seemed unimaginable in the golden summer of 1914.

When it’s all over, will the Spindrift community survive an unexpected threat? And will Edith and Pascal ever be able to fulfil their dream?


I’d been waiting for a few quiet relaxing moments to finish off this trilogy, knowing how much I’d enjoyed the first two parts.

This is the third book in the Spindrift Trilogy set in an artists colony in Cornwall. In this book we see the culmination of all the plot threads that went on in the previous two books, and also how the younger generation are influenced by the mistakes and successes of their parents.  We are hooked from the get go, by the fact someone wants to turn the house we all know and love into a hotel,  and the action from then on never stops.

Charlotte Betts has an enormous cast of characters to deal with, but such is the quality of the writing that you are always sure who is who, and what their relationship is to the others in the story. The great mix of characters is one of the joys of this novel, from the scheming Gabrielle, and the hateful Benedict, to Edith who is doing her best to hold everything together against the encroaching tide of war and its inevitable changes. There are old family feuds, unrevealed secrets to discover, and of course a love that sustains Edith and Pascal over all the generations. This is a great entertaining novel and I highly recommend it. To get the most from the series though, I suggest you read them all.

PS You’ll probably need tissues for the end.


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