A real comfort-blanket of a book!

I’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit this week, and what better way to do it than with a heart-warming novella set in Norway! Plenty of snow in this one, along with a schooldays friend who turns out to be more than a friend, a loveable dog and all the scents of winter – pine logs, cinnamon bakes and frosty air. When Juni Lind has a writing assisgnment to do, she thinks a few weeks in her grandmother’s cottage will be just the place for a retreat. She also has to consider the true meaning of Christmas and the things money can’t buy – follow her in this delightful tale of old memories, waaaaay too much snow and an unexpected romance! Guaranteed to get you in the mood for Christmas. Highly recommended.

Nostalgia and Christmas miracles burn bright in this uplifting and heartwarming story about new beginnings and falling in love under a blanket of stars.

Fair Mountain, December 1972.

A few days before Christmas, Juni’s editor gives her a writing assignment that throws her far outside her comfort zone. She and her terrier, Leo, retreat to her grandparents’ old cabin in the Norwegian mountains in hopes of inspiration. But the trip turns into a heart-wrenching and emotionally challenging encounter.

Memories of Juni’s childhood seep in as soon as she enters the cabin, and as for the writing assignment…what does she know about what children need for Christmas?

Juni’s focus changes when handsome Henry Norheim from Moose Lodge down the hill unexpectedly shows up outside her cottage door. His dedication to family, traditions, and Christmas celebration is contagious, but for Juni, coming out of her lonely shell is easier said than done.

As Juni’s deadline draws closer, and the snowflakes softly swirl down on Fair Mountain, she has to face up to her past, open her heart, and dare to take a step forward. 

Will the miracle of Christmas live up to its promise of hope, goodwill, and love this year?

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