I’m delighted to spotlight historical fiction author Kerry Chaput today, especially as her book is set in the 17th Cerntury, one of my favourite periods.

Born in California wine country, Kerry Chaput began writing shortly after earning her Doctorate degree. Her love of storytelling began with a food blog and developed over the years to writing historical fiction novels. Raised by a teacher of US history, she has always been fascinated by tales from our past and is forever intrigued by the untold stories of brave women. She lives in beautiful Bend, Oregon with her husband, two daughters, and two rescue pups. She can often be found on hiking trails or in coffee shops.

From Kerry:

I’m proof that it’s never too late to change your life.

When I was younger I had dreams of becoming a writer. My family thought it sounded like a frivolous and unattainable dream. So I chose the responsible route. A solid, safe career. When I turned twenty-five, I sat down to write my first story. I saved it to the hard drive and never spoke of it again. Who was I to think I could be a writer?

After working for over a decade as a physical therapist, I found myself with a bunch of degrees, forty years old, two little kids, and completely burned out. I took some time off to just be a mom and breathe into the moment of my life. 

That story started nudging me, fifteen years after I shelved it. That’s one great thing about being forty, you care less about making excuses. I started writing it again, and it was exhilarating. Every morning in the dark, every naptime, I wrote. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew that I was changed. I finally found the courage to be a writer. Or it found me.  

Writing has turned into a love (some may say obsession) for historical women’s fiction. All my stories explore the journey of women and their mark on history. I’ve completed my fourth novel, with many more in the works. 

Born a California girl, I now live in Bend, Oregon where I can be found hiking and enjoying the amazing trails of the Pacific Northwest. I live with my husband, two children, and two dogs, sharing the love of Oregon and finding inspiration in the world around me for my writing.  

I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I love writing them.

Kerry has a popular blog – Sip Coffee, Savor Books…

I believe in warm drinks and tall tales. I love historical fiction stories that transport me back in time. Stories of resilience and women overcoming the impossible. I write to bring them to life, one page, and one sip at a time. 

Read Kerry’s blog about what she learned on her way to publication: https://www.kerrywrites.com/post/ten-things-i-ve-learned-on-the-journey-to-publication

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Website: https://kerrywrites.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/chaputkerry Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Kerry-Chaput/e/B08123S61Z

About the book, DAUGHTER of the KING

La Rochelle France, 1661. Fierce Protestant Isabelle is desperate to escape persecution by the Catholic King. Isabelle is tortured and harassed, her people forced to convert to the religion that rules the land. She risks her life by helping her fellow Protestants, which is forbidden by the powers of France. She accepts her fate — until she meets a handsome Catholic soldier who makes her question everything.

She fights off an attack by a nobleman, and the only way to save herself is to flee to the colony of Canada as a Daughter of the King. She can have money, protection and a new life — if she adopts the religion she’s spent a lifetime fighting. She must leave her homeland and the promises of her past. In the wild land of Canada, Isabelle finds that her search for love and faith has just begun.

Based on the incredible true story of the French orphans who settled Canada, Daughter of the King is a sweeping tale of one young woman’s fight for true freedom. Kerry Chaput brings the past to life, expertly weaving a gripping saga with vivid historical details. Jump back in time on a thrilling adventure with an unforgettable heroine.


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