Lady of the Highway

Lady of the Highway

Lady of the Highway is the third book of the Highway Trilogy for teens, based on the real life and legend of Lady Katherine Fanshawe, heiress and highwaywoman.

anyone regardless of age would love this story…Great story and great storytelling.’ Book Nerd Blog

‘Swift’s done it again – she’s written an interesting, gripping, historically respectful tale bringing the seventeenth century to life.’ Andrea Zuvich, historian

England 1652

Seventeen-year-old Lady Katherine Fanshawe (Kate) has lost everything in the civil war that has torn England apart. Determined to build a community of friends, she invites Owen Whistler and the radical Diggers sect to make their home in her manor house.

When her stepfather unexpectedly returns, he evicts the Diggers with no pay, despite their months of labour on his land. Wilful, and determined to regain Owen’s trust, Kate has to repay her friends the only way she can – by turning to secret highway robbery.

But Kate is not the only one riding the highway at night, and her rival for the road is intent on bloodshed and murder. When he unleashes a reign of terror, Kate gets the blame. Will she be able to clear her name, and save the one person she loves from his lust for revenge?

Publication Date; May 2016 Publisher: Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading digital publisher. Paperback & ebook.